PCA Your Energy

Austerity is proving hard on the Arts in the UK, so Plymouth College of Arts’ decision to invest heavily in new resources and open a £7 million art, craft and digital design wing last September is to be applauded. We were excited when YCN Studio asked us to create a short film showcasing the college’s new facilities, with the aim of attracting more applications to the college.

Working with a relatively small budget, and the requirement that everything be shot on the PCA campus, we knew that the choice of director was crucial to ensure the success of the film. Pip, whose photography background means he has an incredible eye for detail, was the perfect choice.

Pip helped to create a film full of movement and dynamism, answering a brief that was centred on the concept of physical energy. The use of close ups creates beautifully abstract portraits of the students’ work which really show what it is to be creative. The edit, built around a compelling voiceover and an energetic track from Brooklyn band Javelin, makes use of slow motion and speed ramping, gathering pace as it progresses to build excitement.