Born to Welsh-Japanese hippy parents, Ben rejected pottery and brown rice and got a job in advertising. Starting out as a researcher to the likes of Jonathan Glazer and Ivan Zacharias on 400+ TV campaigns, he gained an invaluable insight into the craft of top-flight directing.

After breaking through as a director in 2008, with commissions for E4, KFC and Nokia, Ben joined Agile in 2010, where has continued to hone a cinematic style strong on visual humour and character driven narratives.

Notable projects include work for Lynx, B&Q, the bizarre comedy rap viral for Giffgaff starring Keith Harris and Orville (Campaign ‘Ad of the Week’ / UK Top 10 most viewed Youtube ADs 2012) and Phones 4U’s sponsorship of Films on 4, which skilfully pays comedic homage to a myriad of movie genres.