These New Puritans V Island

PICNIC had just one month to create over 7 minutes of animation. As if that wasn’t a challlenge enough, when the project began there was no set script – just photographed sketches and quotes from frontman Jack Barnett which alluded to the dark corners of his imagination.

  • DirectorPICNIC
  • ClientInfectious Music
  • ProducerAdrianne Scott Kemp at Agile Films
  • AnimationRalph Pinel, Donna Pinel,
    David Horsburgh & Zac Ella
  • CommissionerAndrew Law
  • WriterJack Barnett

It was PICNIC’s challenge to pull together all these strands of Jack’s subconscious to create a cohesive film that was visually striking.

The film is a combination of 2D and 3D animation and it involved an all consuming production period for the team. It was a truly unique project, one that was incredibly creative and everyone involved is thrilled with the end result.


Here’s the full 8 minute version for those of you with all the time in the world.

Picnic Is A Creative Studio Making Moving Pictures. With an expanding group of talent, every project is a collaborative effort to capture three things – story, character and design.